Meet Rob Flitton

Rob Flitton is a uniquely qualified real estate, marketing and negotiation expert.


Currently working as a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent with URBAN NEST REALTY, Rob is one of the top agents working in the market today. Rob is widely known as “The Closer” for his ability to negotiate and close exceptional deals for his clients, and is an exceptional online marketer – in fact, Rob is a real estate marketing and negotiation coach for a small cadre of other successful real estate agents.

Prior to this Rob was the chief executive for one of the largest land development companies in Seattle from 2003 to 2008, producing more than 600 building lots annually for their sister home-building company. Managing a staff of a dozen, Rob was responsible for all acquisitions, financing, development approvals, and sales and marketing.

From 1996 to 2003 Rob was a high-end custom home-builder producing stunning one-of-a-kind residences, including a $38 million home for one of the world’s richest families.

Rob began in the real estate development industry as a senior loan officer in a major bank for development projects in 1981, and began working at a senior level in the real estate industry in 1985 in Vancouver BC, Seattle WA and Colorado.

Overall, Rob Flitton has been directly responsible for the development of close to 10,000 housing units.


Having been responsible for the profit and loss for a variety of companies, Rob recognizes the importance of marketing for any business – he concludes that marketing is the single most important function of a business and is a coach and educator in marketing for a variety of small business owners.

The two most important functions of the leader of any business are always MARKETING & INNOVATION – and the two best traits are OBJECTIVITY & TENACITY. – Rob Flitton

Rob conducts his marketin business – his courses and coaching – through


Most of Rob’s career in the real estate industry was directed toward acquisitions – the negotiation of major land development projects in several urban centers. Over the course of those many years, Rob attended negotiation courses, programs and lectures with some of the world’s best negotiators.



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