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Rob Flitton brings tremendous skill, tenacity, and experience to the table along with a remarkable and profitable track record. With 25+ years of senior management experience in the real estate industry including acquisitions, feasibility studies, and project management, along with 10 years of experience in developing effective marketing strategies, Rob also enjoys an impeccable reputation with clients and colleagues.





The two most important functions of any business are Marketing & Innovation – and the two best leadership traits are Objectivity & Tenacity.

– Rob Flitton

Rob Flitton is a devout student and practitioner of marketing – and marketing is one of the most significantly misunderstood activities in business.



Rob Flitton is a real estate buying and selling machine.

– client

Deeply entrenched in the real estate industry for more than 30 years, Rob uses his world-class negotiation skills, along with the most modern, cutting edge internet marketing tools, to craft and achieve amazing deals.

Rob became a Las Vegas REALTOR following a fun and successful 25-year career as a land developer and high-end custom home-builder – he has an excellent and impeccable reputation with clients and within the real estate community, and this reputation means a lot to him.

Along with proven credentials as an expert negotiator, he is also a Las Vegas internet marketing expert and on the leading edge of technology within the real estate  industry.  I am constantly educating myself and upgrading my knowledge and abilities in order to best serve my clients.

Rob’s specialized negotiation and marketing skills give him an outstanding ability on behalf of clients – and his record proves it.

Las Vegas Real Estate

Las Vegas is a remarkable city – energetic, unique and passionate.  For several years running, it was one of the fastest growing cities in the US and despite the substantial market downturn of the last few years it has continued to retain a strong and vibrant population and culture.

Real estate in Las Vegas is currently being offered at a discount from the high of the market, but this is rapidly changing.  With a 25% spike in values across the board from January 2012 through to mid-2013, this has brought major relief to Las Vegas homeowners who are contemplating selling.

The question on the minds of everyone right now is what will happen beyond mid-2013.  Many knowledgeable people in the market feel that it will become more mature and stabilized.  For sellers it comes down to a decision to sell or hold.

Las Vegas real estate is also of tremendous interest to people in dozens of countries from around the world.  For example, this website has been visited by people in more than 75 countries in the last 12 months alone.  The world regards Las Vegas as a world-class and unique city – and this gives credence to the theory that the market will continue to grow as international interest continues to grow.

Some 38 million to 40 million people fly into Vegas every year, not to mention the several million visits we get from California, Utah and Arizona drivers. No matter how bad the economy got, these numbers have stayed consistent.

Sell Your Home in Las Vegas

To sell your home in Las Vegas most profitably and quickly, list your Las Vegas home for sale with one of the most capable and experienced Internet-based REALTORS in the entire Las Vegas real estate market – sell your home in Las Vegas with Rob Flitton “The Closer”, whose marketing and branding prowess is second to none.

The most profitable residential marketing process begins with two big ideas; (i) confidence in your Las Vegas listing agent, and (ii) lots of high quality photos and pictures highlighting the most powerful visual selling points for your home – and the dissemination of these real estate images all over the internet.  Nothing degrades the marketing potential of a property listing more effectively than bad photography.  Accordingly, you can rely on Rob Flitton to feature and sell your home in Las Vegas in the most advantageous contexts and situations available.

By using Rob Flitton, your Las Vegas listing will enjoy tremendous visibility in the most important marketing space in the real estate industry – observe where you find yourself right now … Rob’s methods of real estate marketing are highly effective, and his Las Vegas real estate website is one of the most powerfully ranked presentations for the Las Vegas residential market on Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, etc.  It is well-known and an absolute fact that 90% real estate transaction originate through the internet and Rob’s continued tenacity in dominance with his Las Vegas real estate website is a tremendous asset to you that his competitors cannot compete with very well.

Why is Rob so confident that he can most profitably sell your home in Las Vegas?  He is no ordinary REALTOR and is one of the top REALTORS in Las Vegas – he brings 30 years of successful experience to the table and there is no need for you to retain mediocre assistance with the sale of such an important asset.  Rob is highly communicative, and approaches customer service with a highly interactive attitude.  You can expect consistent and detailed updates on all showings and in-depth conversations about the home-selling process every step of the way.  It is Rob’s goal to make you money and to allow you to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.  When you call Rob Flitton “The Closer” at 702-496-7260 you will either have your call answered on-the-spot, or your message will be returned in a timely manner.

Search the Las Vegas MLS

Rob Flitton owns and operates SEELASVEGASLISTINGS.COM, which hosts one of the best Las Vegas MLS Search pages in the entire Las Vegas real estate market.

Las Vegas Luxury Homes

Las Vegas Luxury Homes have dropped in price to such an extent that they now sell for significantly less than replacement cost – and despite the 30% recovery in values in the Las Vegas real estate market, Las Vegas luxury homes still lag behind the overall average.  This lag means that tremendous incentives and opportunities still remain for a particular breed of financial operator, namely the Las Vegas luxury real estate investor. Luxury real estate buyers from around the world still have time and opportunity to turn their focus to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada and make aggressive bids on remarkable Las Vegas homes with unique architecture – including many homes with a Frank Lloyd Wright appeal or feel to them.

What services can Rob Flitton offer to such a luxury buyer?  Some Las Vegas REALTORS chat about “location, location, location”, but Rob Flitton discusses “timing, timing, timing.”  The luxury real estate investor is focused on location instinctively – what such a buyer needs, though, is the right timing to snag a fantastic deal – enter Rob Flitton.  Thirty years as an acquisitions expert, and the fact that he is a published expert on negotiation, means that loves to negotiate to close.

Many of these breathtaking luxury residential properties are on premier private golf courses – again, the location is right, and now you need an expert on timing. Aside from there being many Las Vegas luxury golf course communities, Las Vegas is also uniquely suited to provide the finest in affluent amenities to compliment your luxury residential experience.  We are globally recognized for our exquisite shopping venues, numerous four and five star restaurants, Broadway-caliber shows and the most exotic nightlife in the world. As if this wasn’t enough incentive, it’s also important to remember that the State of Nevada has no income tax at the personal or corporate level. We are nationally recognized as one of the most desirable “on shore” tax havens in the country.  It also doesn’t hurt to have southern California right next door and a highly proficient and accessible Las Vegas international airport. Luxury real estate in Las Vegas is now presenting itself as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on a pricing basis … let’s get started.

Las Vegas Retirement Homes

Las Vegas Retirement homes situated in in Las Vegas retirement communities and Las Vegas 55+ communities have never been a more attractive choice for baby boomers seeking a relaxing and enjoyable residential experience. “Las Vegas retire” is a goal for many – in fact, Las Vegas is consistently in the top 10 retirement communities – consider Sun City SummerlinSun City AnthemSun City AlianteSun City MacDonald RanchSun Colony Siena.

The simple truth is that the real estate crash of the past few years has created pricing opportunities for Las Vegas retirement communities and Las Vegas retirement homes that are now well beyond prior expectations.  The advantages of retiring in Las Vegas are huge – the State of Nevada has no income tax and Nevada does not tax pensions.  Las Vegas enjoys fantastic sunny weather with an average of 325 warm and sunny days per year.  And, Las Vegas 55+ communities still offer some of the best lifestyle enhancing amenities to be found anywhere in the country.  Sun City golf courses are pristine and Sun City community centers are spacious and full of interesting activities and interesting people.  Las Vegas 55 plus communities are also well known for their ease-of-maintenance designs.  The last thing you want is to retire to a city with so much to offer and then get stuck doing yard work all day!

Move To Las Vegas

The Las Vegas real estate market is consistently voted by many publications as one of America’s 10 best undervalued places to live – the Las Vegas cost of living is simply low.  Moreover, the Las Vegas community offers a high quality of life and promising long-term economic prospects – lots of recent Las Vegas economic news proves this.

Las Vegas and Southern Nevada offer an excellent quality of life that extends well beyond casinos and nightclubs – plenty is offered to hikers, rock-climbers, boaters, mountain bikers, skiers, runners in a world-class outdoor playground that more impressed even National Geographic. Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, the nearby Grand Canyon, Southern Utah, and may other Las Vegas outdoor opportunities await.  You can also expect the local weather to cooperate with your outdoor plans on a regular basis as the Las Vegas valley averages 325 sunny days a year and less than five inches of rain.

And Las Vegas job and employment opportunities are on the rise daily – Las Vegas economic news is blossoming.